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With Inner Clarity Your Happiness Skyrockets Because Your Heart & Soul Unite


With Inner Clarity Happiness Abounds

Feelings of frustration, anxiety, fear & confusion sabotage your happiness when you don't understand the clues they provide. That's why Inner Clarity Training™ offers essential guidance and tools to make sense of what's going on inside of you. Those negative feelings are actually hints your Soul is trying to get your attention so you can clear out the junk you aren't aware is causing you to

give off a negative vibe & sabotaging your happiness.

Hi! We're Christi & Pete, The Inner Clarity Coaches™ & Creators of The Happy Soul System™

We'll help you discover the brilliance inside you. So you feel safe, secure & confident to 

Live The Phenomenal Life Your Heart & Soul Envision!


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Hi, We're Christi & Pete!
The Inner Clarity Coaches™
Over the past 12 years, we've helped 1,000's of souls from all walks of life get clarity to live happier lives. With The Happy Soul System™ you'll discover the phenomenal life your Soul desires for you! (psst...it exceeds your own expectations!)

We're an intuitive powerhouse team. Our innate abilities help you discover hidden potential with laser sharp precision. So you're armed with clarity & inner resources to live your happiest life as The YOU - Your Soul Envisions!


Insightful Soul Wisdom

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1 to 1 Attention

Online Learning

Learn At Your Own Pace



A deep experiential process where you'll learn The Happy Soul System™ to conquer inner sabotage patterns, access hidden potential & exceed your own expectations! 

Step 1:
Learn The Happy Soul System™

This powerful system will train you how to develop emotional clarity to discern distortions in your perception. Empowering you to identify clogs blocking access to truth.

Step 2:
Conquer Sabotage Patterns & Secure Your Foundation

Get rid of the clogs causing sabotage. Build solid self-acceptance, self-value & inner security. Eliminate blocks causing chaos & instability.

Step 3:
Unlock Crystal Clarity About Your Talent

Get crystal clarity about your innate talent, unique knowledge & abilities. Build your self-confidence & self-trust.

Step 4:
Incubate Your Influence

Learn how to cultivate your Soul Skills, wield your energy & practice sharing your talent. Discover exciting opportunities & possibilities. 


10 Week Program

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Inner Clarity Training Masterclass™
10-Week Program

You'll have one light-bulb moment after the next!

Deep. Intensive. Fast pace. Experiential.

Transcend Yourself, Your Life & Your Happiness


First, you’ll learn:

  • The Happy Soul System™

  • The two Essential Happiness Formulas 

  • Why you get stuck, feel trapped & spin your wheels

  • What causes self-sabotage & how to identify it

Next, you’ll be trained step-by-step to:

  • Get poignant answers from inside yourself

  • Identify which clogs are blocking access to your Soul’s inner wisdom

  • Why those specific clogs are sabotaging you & what to do about it

  • Tools to clear out the clogs

  • Hints & clues so your Inner Sabotage Pattern becomes obvious to detect

  • And more...

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"I moved obstacles I didn't even know were there! I'm a changed person and I couldn't be happier!"

Terry M.

"I had the most transformational week of my life!!! These classes are profound!!!"

Karen W.

"Refreshing! I finally found a way to help myself! I changed my life and I'm forever grateful!"


"Christi & Pete’s classes are amazing! When you finish one you want to continue on to another."

Judy S.

If you don't lead yourself forward,
whose gonna do it for you?

Christi Maybo

DIY TOOLKITS - Training to Learn YOU!

Learn how to navigate your inner realm.

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Unlock Your Intuitive Genius



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"I'm in awe of the progress I've made! I moved to another state into my dream home during the pandemic! Built my confidence and continue to surpass my own expectations! It's a privilege for me to get all the assistance and guidance Christi & Pete provide. I really can't tell you how happy and grateful I am."


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