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Make Your Life

Your Masterpiece!

Unleash The Leader Within™: Fuel Your Success & Elevate Your Life with Emotional Energy Intelligence (EQ²).  
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What is EQ²?

Emotional Energy Intelligence is the exponentially powerful influence inside YOU!

We'll train you how to pinpoint what emotional energy you're generating so you're empowered to  understand how it's influencing your life and experiences behind the scenes. Then, we'll train you how to tap the intelligence within it. 

The Christi International EQ² Academy™

Transformative Training to Elevate Your Life And Achieve Lasting Success

Learn how to navigate and leverage your emotional energy effectively to enhance decision-making, build stronger connections with others, improve communications, and experience a profound sense of well-being. By developing a deep understanding of emotional energy dynamics you'll elevate your personal and professional life while gaining crucial tools to navigate challenges with resilience and grace. Join us on this empowering adventure and fuel your success by tapping into the incredible power of Emotional Energy Intelligence (EQ²).

Hi, We're Christi & Pete

Welcome, it's so nice to meet you!

By working with us, you gain access to a powerhouse duo dedicated to your success.

There is a wealth of knowledge inside you! Christi trains you how to pinpoint emotional energy blindspots blocking access to crucial inner resources required to lead yourself forward. While Pete guides you inward to connect your brain, heart, and gut so you properly fuel yourself with positivity to achieve success.

Our combined expertise delivers a personalized approach that empowers you to achieve ground breaking personal and professional growth. By leveraging our diverse skill set, we maximize the benefits for your adventure inward!

Christi & Pete Maybo, Christi International
Who We Work With
Inward Explorers Who Are Innately Intuitive

You're a giver by nature. So your first thought is typically what someone else needs. Now it's your turn to focus on you. You're ready to put your happiness first. Discover who you are and what you want. Finally, you're ready to stop going it alone because you're aware that what you're doing isn't working. Cue the confetti!🎉

As an independent go-getter, of course you're used to being accountable for yourself. You rely on your persistence to get anything done! However, it's okay to accept that you can't see your own blindspots. Psst, that's why they're called blindspots.

You're seeking innovative knowledge, inner growth, and propulsion to move forward with assistance that is grounded in integrity, where individuality is honored, and a high priority is placed on respect for self and others. You're a self-starter, who thrives on becoming your absolute best self and accepts this requires ongoing training.


You have an understanding that your inner game impacts everything else. So you're seeking our Look Within First™ Approach.

You're at the right place!

Our Look Within First™ Approach:

Your shell protects valuable assets!

Inside yourself is your clarity =  

Your intuition.

Your innovation.

Your ingenuity. 

Your inner eyes.

Your inner leader. 

We'll train you how to access hidden inner resources & answers inside you!
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How It Works

What's going on inside you is impacting the world, that's why:
 "We begin with the self to impact the world."
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EQ² Level 1:
BIZ DNA Training™
Your happiness is your business. 

For self-starters who are ambitious and motivated to optimize yourself. You're committed to inner growth and want guidance to help you easily navigate your inner blindspots. 

Join a small, confidential group of like-minded souls who bring out the best in each other. 

Concierge Training for Leaders, Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

You spend your time leading others, so you need a confidential haven for your growth to target your inner blindspots and focus on your priorities in a private 1:1 setting.

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Got More Questions?

Groundbreaking Inner Growth For Heart & Soul Leaders™

What's A Christi International Heart & Soul Leader? A leader who is aware of their impact, strives for excellence in how they guide others and holds themselves accountable to a higher standard of living than what’s typically accepted.


It’s a person who deliberately uses their authority to create win-win-win scenarios, goes the extra mile to ensure people feel respected, and leads with heart and soul because they accept we are better together. They live the Christi International principle: “We begin with the self to impact the world.” Because what’s going on inside every person is impacting the world. It’s your legacy and impact. Christi International Heart & Soul Leaders actively grow from within to ensure they're proud of their lasting impact. 

The key ingredient to groundbreaking inner growth at Christi International is EQ². That's short for Emotional Energy Intelligence. When you learn how to better understand your feelings, and the energy they generate - you enhance your happiness, success, prosperity and clarity because your emotions are the gold inside you! That's why our EQ² Academy™ trains you how to discern what you feel, what emotional energy you're generating, and how to dig for the golden nuggets contained within the emotional energy inside YOU!


That intuitive clarity is crucial: to your overall well being; to making healthy choices and decisions; to build happy relationships; to actualize yourself, your aspirations, and dreams; and to cultivate your innate talent!

Welcome to The Christi International EQ² Academy™— where inner growth is our norm. Expanding our horizons excites us! And teamwork is how we make better progress faster — both personally and professionally!

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Chart your own course & confidently thrive as the CEO of your happiness! 

 Level 1: BIZ DNA Training™ - Your happiness is your business


Emotional Awareness

Gain crucial awareness so you're able to detect emotional energy blindspots that brew inner conflict. Discern patterns of self-sabotage that negatively influence your decision making and perception. 


Emotional Accountability

Become accountable for your own happiness by addressing  emotional energy blindspots. Learn how to access the answers within yourself to clear the clogs blocking your brain-heart-gut connection. End patterns of self-sabotage.


Emotional Authority

Learn how to generate emotional energy that matches your heart and soul. Implement corresponding actions using newfound inner resources. While stretching your brain to accept more for yourself! 

Client Experiences

"I discovered a way of thinking about myself that I hadn't considered before. Taking this to heart is helping me to see myself separate from my environment."


"The transformation I've experienced is incredible! This training is profound!!!"


"I can't believe the impact of my past on my present. I never could have recognized my inner blindspots on my own! Or communicated my ideas with confidence without your help!"


"I'm finally becoming the leader I always wanted to be. People are really appreciating me and listening to my wisdom!"


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Thought-Provoking Events

Insightful, Powerful, and Engaging!

With our personalized approach to inner leadership development, emotional energy intelligence training, and intuitive integration we'll connect your team so they're laughing, learning, and engaged with hands on exercises. 


Your team will leave inspired with powerful insights about themselves, newfound connections, and actions to implement.

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