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The Experts Who Help You Get Clarity!

 With inner clarity, you'll lead the happy life you deserve!

Get Clarity. Grow. Thrive. Prosper.

Our ground-breaking Inner Clarity Training™ takes you step-by-step inward.

So you learn how to lead from within to:

develop happy relationships — personally and professionally,

understand what your gifts and talents are, 

and cultivate the best ways for you to share those innate skills for the greater good!

By illuminating growth opportunities you don't see or recognize are impacting you, we'll train you how to unclog access to buried inner resources!

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Jump Start Your Life!

Inner Clarity Training™ Level 1:

Inner Blindspot Detection 

Get on the fast track!

This power-packed 4 week program is like Roto-Router for your Soul.

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Soul Letters™

Annual Soul Letters Return!

Inspiring, meaningful gifts for you and your loved ones!

Please note: Dec 5 deadline to ensure arrival before Christmas

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How Can We Help You?

By cultivating your Brain-Heart Connection, you'll Unleash Your Intuitive Genius,

aka Your Inner Leader

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Image by Nathan Dumlao

You And

Your Professional Life

Are you an intuitively sensitive Professional, Entrepreneur, Healthcare or  Wellness Provider?

You And

Your Personal Life

Are you seeking inner clarity to live a happier and more fulfilling life?

Coming Jan 2023



Looking for a self-guided ToolKit to help yourself get inner clarity?

Stay Tuned!
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Hi, We're Christi & Pete!

Espresso is deep, bold & intense, providing a jolt of eye-opening clarity - just like us!

When you're ready to become the you who:

  • Radiates happiness

  • Understands who you are

  • Shares your unique talents and abilities

  • Communicates with tact and diplomacy

  • Wields your energy and influence to elevate the people around you 

 THIS is where you belong!

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Hire Us For Your Event!

We're The Experts To Help You View Life Through A Clearer Lens

Unique, one-of-a-kind presentations, speaking engagements and training sessions to illuminate inner blindspots with laser sharp precision — in an intuitive, fun and humorous way.


We’ll leave you scratching your head and asking, “How did they do that?!” As your audience is mesmerized by the crystal clarity provided and inspired to take action to lead a happier, more thriving and prosperous life.


Our Services

Client Experiences

"OMG!? Who would I be without your help? Thank goodness I didn't have to find out!""


"The transformation I've experienced is incredible! This training is profound!!!"


"I increased my revenues $10K a week. I never could have recognized my inner blindspots on my own!


"I'm finally becoming the leader I always wanted to be. People are really appreciating me and listening to my wisdom!"


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If you don't lead yourself forward,
who's gonna do it for you?

Christi Maybo


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