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Unleash The Leader Within™

Cultivate Your Brain-Heart Connection to Unleash Your
Intuitive Genius 

Become an unstoppable Heart & Soul Leader

who makes a powerfully positive difference!


About Christi International

Unleash The Leader Within™

Over the past 12 years, we've had the privilege to help 1,000's of souls from all walks of life get clarity to lead happier and more successful lives. Our innovative and cutting edge Inner Clarity Training™ & Coaching blends together inner leadership development, intuitive integration and personal growth - for you & for business.


From day one Christi International has been opening hearts by addressing the inner blindspots of self-protection that block clarity from freely flowing within because that's what causes people to feel stuck.


We use a variety of methods including: discussion, visualizations, meditations, creative expression and energy techniques to create experiences to understand what is happening inside yourself.


Our core philosophy is rooted in one principle "learning thyself" which unlocks access to both your creative juices and your Intuitive Genius. This pathway ensures the merging of your head, heart and spirit. So you not only Unleash The Leader Within™ but you learn step-by-step how to wield your influence as an emotionally mature soul. Effectively becoming a Heart and Soul Leader™. One who recognizes your innate talent and shines brightly with crystal clarity because you understand who you are and what your innate talent is.


We firmly believe that inner growth is the essential key to happiness because it's required to develop inner clarity. With access to your Inner Leader, aka your Intuitive Genius you'll be able to innovate solutions that do not presently exist in our world.

Our Vision

YOU = The Solution
To Maximize Humanity's Greatest Potential

At Christi International the heart of it all is very simple: You = The Solution To Maximize Humanity's Greatest Potential. Each person is born with innate talent that is the solution for something better. When that part of yourself is crystal clear — you uplift, inspire and share that solution to make your corner of the world better.


You deserve the inner clarity to understand and accept yourself so you can actualize your greatest potential and ultimate happiness. The deeper you accept you and your capacity to influence positivity, the better world we all get. Our inside-out approach empowers you to take action with a community of visionary leaders all working toward one common goal - A world of emotionally mature souls who embrace their individuality to accept themselves and each other with respect, dignity and compassion for everything that makes us unique.


When you're in integrity with your own heart and soul, you lead from within as a model of behavior to emulate. As each person embarks on their pathway to self-actualization our world will advance in quality with that stellar standard of integrity. 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1...

About Christi & Pete

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Christi Maybo


Christi Maybo is an Intuitive Genius who doesn’t settle for the status quo and strives to surpass her own expectations at every turn. From setting a record as the youngest woman elected to Town Council in her hometown to running for Mayor before she turned 30, Christi sets the bar high on creating positive impact. Her signature quality is that she sees beyond the obvious to identify solutions no one else perceives. It’s what ensures the success of her clientele. People come from all walks of life to garner her invaluable and priceless insight so they too can surpass their own expectations. 

From Ivy League University personnel and NY Times Best Selling authors to hair dressers, construction workers and truck drivers - Christi has profoundly impacted the lives of thousands of people seeking to better themselves. Her indomitable spirit and fortitude were solidly demonstrated through her two-battles with cancer. As a two-time breast cancer survivor she’s a fierce advocate for the priceless value of life, time, and impact. Of course her warrior spirit was also fueled by obtaining her black belt in TaeKwonDo at 18. That early conditioning and training taught her the essential principles of self-discipline to surpass inner obstacles.


Christi is a proven pioneer and visionary with over 15 years of experience. From developing her signature Inner Clarity Training & Coaching™ to creating one-of-a-kind Soul Letters™ – the common denominator that establishes Christi’s credibility best is her heart. She’s a genuine leader who sets her intention on using her voice and influence to uplift others to be their absolute best.


Her formal education includes a BA in Political Science and Psychology from Rider University. And from Seton Hall University she obtained a MA in Diplomacy and International Relations with concentrations in Human Rights and Leadership. However, there’s no more profound influence in her life or her work than the sheer brilliance of her Intuitive Genius. Rest-assured with Christi’s laser sharp insight and crystal clarity you'll excel to heights you weren't aware were possible.

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"The Proof Is In The Pudding. How you handle your experiences is when you discover where you're really at, not where you think you are."

Christi Maybo
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Pete Maybo

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Pete Maybo is an astonishing man. You’d never know by the way he carries himself the anguish, turmoil or heartache that was once his normal had any impact on him. Because he loves deeply, cares with a genuine heart, and goes out of his way for others. Yet, behind that smile and love

was a history of great challenge. 


He overcame immense hurdles by leading himself forward without support, guidance or proper concern for his well being. His humble beginnings did not stop him from achieving his dreams and setting his sights on a better life for himself. As such, his passion to help others is borne out of deep understanding about the impact one person is capable of having on another and his deepest desire is to help others see the very best within themselves.

Sure he has done the requisite work required to get here and has the credentials worthy of a very successful man. But all of that is trumped by the genuine heart that leads him forward. That heart of gold supported his wife Christi, through cancer twice so he doesn’t waste time

on the petty bullshit that others get trapped by.

So when he says, “Did you ever think…” that’s his gentle way of letting you know he sees something

you’ve never considered and that necessary perception pivot will be life changing

if you listen to his quiet wisdom. He's a renaissance man paving the way for a new style of

leadership in men - specifically one that includes heart & soul.

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“Your interpretations form your reality which impacts your choices and generates energy. That combination affects your experiences whether you're aware of it or not.”

Pete Maybo

As guest speaker Christi shared first hand experiences about her own journey.