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Image by Anastase Maragos

Intuitive Clarity

Imagine using your intuition with crystal clarity. Hitting a bullseye every time!

When you think another person is the problem "If only they would change..." that's your intuition highlighting inner conflict inside yourself that's blocking your clarity. 

When you believe the universe is supporting you, but you get a crappy result, that's your intuition showing you where you aren't supporting yourself!

When you want more for yourself, your happiness and your life - that's your intuition saying stop settling!

Hi, I'm Christi Maybo!

I was born highly intuitive and in 2008 began professionally sharing my innate talent to help others. Fifteen years later, I’m privileged to have assisted thousands of people to thrive, prosper and live happier lives.


My laser sharp precision gets powerful results. I’ll help you hone in on areas where happiness, success and prosperity blindspots block you from being in integrity with your own heart.


Learn The Dream Maker System™  - my proven system to unlock your own keys to clarity so you can achieve your dreams. This is the exact system I used to meet my husband, get through cancer twice, build my business, hone and refine my own intuitive talent while creating a positive impact and legacy I can feel proud of.

I've helped my clients achieve astounding results. Here's a few case studies:

  • From frustration and aggravation that her ideas were shot down by her business partner to clear communicator who implemented her ideas and increased revenues $10K a week.

  • From using work as an excuse to hide in her office filled with anxiety to an engaged mama whose children are thriving because of her direct positive influence, steady calm and confidence.


  • From chaotic and overwhelming experiences trying to run a business that was based on people pleasing and over-accountability to a happy entrepreneur with ideal clients and life/work harmony.


  • From using her intuitive abilities based on cookie cutter training to sharing her unique talent and powerfully creating the positive impact only her heart and soul can.


  • From self-silencing, fear and anxiety that his way was wrong to taking charge as a confident leader who is improving company culture, raising the bar on how employees are treated and innovating one-of-a-kind solutions.

Your emotions generate energy which impacts your experiences. 

Christi Maybo

I'll help you identify the blindspots in your way:

The Dream Maker System™

This system is intensive - think bootcamp style.

It's for people who have big visions and want massive momentum with direct, pull no punches guidance.

How Does It Work?

BIZ DNA Training™ & Coaching - Your life is your business!

Who Is This For?

You're an intuitive business owner, executive or a heart-centered go-getter.

You're ready to uplevel your life, happiness and professional success.

You want to create massive positive impact, create a powerful legacy & help people.

You're aware that there are consequences for your fears and insecurities - the people who need your help aren't receiving it because you're scared to share it.

It's NOT for:

Making money without regard for integrity or impact.

People who lack self-accountability or think the world owes you something.

Selfish gains, greed or disingenuous intentions.



This is a 3 month program

Payable in 3 installments of $1,500.

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