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Inner Clarity Training™ Level 1: Essentials


How can you discern the difference between Truth & Perception? That’s a great place to begin. This Level 1, Inner Clarity Training™ ToolKit covers our essential formulas and gives you the opportunity to get familiar with how you work on the inside. You’ll actively practice using your inner muscles to learn about your own perceptions and discover finer nuances about how you think and process information. This Toolbox has 4 Modules and includes: - An Easy to Read Training Manual - A Workbook with Fun Exercises to Practice - An Engaging Educational Video You'll Learn: - The Crucial Elements of Your Inner Realm - Our 2 Essential Formulas - How to Decipher Hidden Elements of your Perception - Plus, you'll have the opportunity to use the self-assessments to learn how uniquely you think - Bonus Module Inside!





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