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Inner Clarity Coaching™ 
View Life Through A Clearer Lens

We help intuitive, purpose driven go getters fed up with recurring patterns transcend into confident, happy, innovative leaders who exceed their own expectations!

Address Personal Blindspots

Layer by layer address historic patterns that sabotage your happiness & self-esteem. 

Become The You Your Heart And Soul Envisions

Discover a path of happiness that surpasses your own expectations and transcend beyond the impact life's had on you. 

Build Relationships

Learn how to be accountable for your role, impact and energy so you create deeper bonds & connections. 

Overcome Stuck Places

Learn how to unclog access to hidden inner resources and free yourself from stuck places.

Upgrade Your Life

Armed with inner clarity you'll upgrade the way you think, feel and gain access to the Intuitive Genius within. So you can live your happiest and most successful life!

Expand Your Potential

Accept your true value & connect to hidden inner resources to become unstoppable!

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Case Studies

From "What's Wrong With Me"...

Frustrated by years of anxiety, insecurity and feeling alone, she was struggling with a history of unidentified emotional neglect. As we peeled back layers of deep-rooted fear she discovered a powerhouse inside herself!


The Results: She revealed her unstoppable inner leader. Bought her dream home. Met and connected with new people. Pinpointed new opportunities to increase her earning capacity AND feels excited about the adventure of her life, defining happiness & success on her terms!

From "Will I Ever Be Happy"...

Abuse was her norm, so she was unaware of its impact. Our step-by-step approach trained her to see herself instead of the hurt that was affecting her perception. Armed with clarity & support she ended patterns of self-sacrifice and people pleasing.


The Results: She took charge of her life. Divorced an alcoholic and abusive spouse. Got a new home with an excellent landlord who allowed her design skills to be expressed. Used her innovation to create a new department at a salon so she could provide her stellar services with increased income, benefits and new clientele.

Get Started Today and Become
Our Next Success Story!

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Package Includes:

60-minute virtual session

30-minute virtual session

Starter Package

Inner Clarity Coaching™ Sessions are offered via Zoom.
Begin with a Starter Package. Then, choose the Coaching Package that's best for you.

While we recommend at least a 6 month commitment to yourself, we don't lock you into any contracts. YOU decide how much and how far you want to grow & which package is right for you.

Inner Clarity Coaching Packages

Select the pace you want to grow!

  • Step 1: Get Personal

    Every month
    Create A Solid Inner Foundation
    • Weekly 60 Minute Zoom Coaching Calls
    • Pinpoint happiness blindspots
    • Target relationship blindspots
    • Learn how to delve deep within to clog clear
    • Develop inner stability and emotional accountability
    • Practice Exercises
    • Private coaching portal
    • Replays available to watch, listen or read transcripts
    • Searchable replay files to easily find key takeaways
    • BONUS: EQ2 Bootcamp
  • Step 2: BIZ DNA

    Every month
    Your life is your business it's time to take charge!
    • Weekly 60 Minute Zoom Coaching Calls
    • Identify Success & Prosperity Blindspots
    • Learn how to craft a vision for your life and/or business
    • Practice creating energy anchors to build momentum
    • Delve deeper within for advanced clog clearing
    • Refine communication skills and develop intuitive clarity
    • Practice Exercises
    • Private Coaching Portal
    • Replays available to watch, listen or read transcripts
    • Searchable replay files to easily find key takeaways
    • BONUS: Energy Mastery Level 1 Bootcamp

Let's schedule a chat to discuss how Inner Clarity Coaching™

can help you & your life!

What Our Clients Say

Image by Debby Hudson


"I love you and Pete! You're so helpful and insightful!!"

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