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1:1 Exclusive Coaching

Personalized just for you!

Who This Is For

You have an inner calling: I'm here to make the world a better place.

You're seeking intensive inner growth to thrive and prosper in every area of your life. 

You're ready for deeper happiness, personal expansion, and forward propulsion.

You're aware the answers you need are inside and you want training to access them.

You're a natural giver who cares deeply about others, now it's YOUR turn!

You have a deep internal gnawing: "I'm here for a reason, I'm aware I have a purpose and I want to share it."


So, you want access to all the wealth of knowledge, skills and talent inside yourself.


Awesome, then you're in the right place!


It's okay if you lack clarity or have messy feelings about it. That's how humans function. When blindspots block clarity — our feelings tell us!


That's why inner blindspots are the problem — not you!


So be kind to yourself. If you could've figured it out on your own, as smart and intuitive as you are, you'd have done so a long time ago!

Your core is where the most precious parts of you are located. Think of it as your inner vault, with all your personal inner resources.


When you function from the core out, you live, breath, walk, talk — heck, you’ll joyfully dance through life — because you'll lead yourself forward from the vantage point of your own wealth of knowledge and talent! Priceless value!

You'll be grinning ear to ear with certainty in your heart and soul - this is who I am and this is what I'm here to share. As you're making the positive contribution you've dreamed about!

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You're ready for more! What an exciting, and exhilarating time! Stretching beyond your comfort zone is the adventure of a lifetime!


The faster we explore inward, the quicker you get to feel all the awesomeness that's already inside you! That's the view we already have - so you can feel safe hashing out all the junk in your head, heart and soul. We're your trusted confidantes, the reassuring place you go for support, crystal clarity and trouble shooting. Where you feel comfortable being honest and getting real because we see the absolute best in you!


Where you don't have to have all the answers. You just show up as you are - where you are and accept that we'll get to the bottom of it together!

Here - we're a team!

Get On The Fast Track!

With laser-sharp precision to pinpoint hidden resources, identify growth opportunities and crystal clarity to illuminate inner conflict you'll achieve success, exceed your goals, and grow further than you ever imagined!

How We Work Together

You'll feel like you're chatting with your personal confidantes. So you can say it like it is, be real, honest and genuine. All while being accepted for where you are and receiving compassion for any struggles you’re experiencing. Together, we’ll trouble shoot blindspots in way that uplifts, inspires and brings out the absolute best in you!


We're direct, pull no punches and say the hard things — YEAH! This is your life! You can’t get a second of your precious time back, so you deserve the truth straight up.


We're laser sharp precise. So you get massive velocity, clarity and actionable steps to get you where you belong. Which may or may not match the vision you perceive. If we see a happier or better track for you, you can be certain we’ll tell you how to get on that one!


You can’t afford to waste any of your potential! You were born to share your talent and since you’re the only you who can do what you can do — the world needs you! Translated, people are seeking you and if they can’t find you because fear, anxiety, insecurity or confusion is in the way — they're suffering.

When you build a life that focuses on impact, legacy, your happiness and values, you thrive

personally and professionally!


That’s our friendly way of saying — when we work together you’re moving forward because the consequences for staying where you are, they're steep.


Look, we learned that the hard way — Christi has been through cancer twice and together we've overcome our fair share of challenges with drive and ambition to come out better on the other side. So when we say time is our most valuable resource we're serious — we don’t take any of it for granted. If that excites you and lights you up inside — then, you're in the right place! We have a fun, exciting and awesome adventure in store! This is your life, your happiness and your dreams. When we work together, we're a team - we've got your back!

We'll Address...

An Innovative Approach

When you want to slow down, we’ll tell you to switch gears and speed up. So you have to be ready for an adventure that’s the opposite of what you think.

You'll want to slow down to process the information yet, you'll need to speed up to deconstruct the intricate patterns in your thinking that are preventing you from absorbing new knowledge. That's because you’re an oversaturated sponge that requires squeezing out to absorb more.

You want to do it on your own because you’re self-motivated and familiar with going it alone, we'll tell you to switch gears and allow us to guide you.

There’s a difference between doing something for yourself versus by yourself. The inner blindspots in your way are literally invisible to you, that's why you can't figure them out on your own. Receiving support from an expert guide is the key to navigating inward where there's areas you don't know what you don't know. Besides, it'll be so much faster, easier and way more fun to be supported with assistance that’s the same stellar quality you’d give to someone else. You deserve it too!

When you want to avoid messy feelings, we’ll tell you switch gears and lean into that emotional energy packet — it’s where the gold is.

You'll want to protect yourself from negative emotions yet, you'll need to address them head on because that’s where you’ll discover key misinterpretations that created the intricate patterns of thinking that are sabotaging your progress and growth. That's your history and past experiences keeping you lock step with old junk wasn't supportive.

insight pic.png


(aka Emotional Energy Intelligence)

During this phase you'll learn how to recognize the emotional energy you're generating, how it's impacting you and identify essential inner leadership muscles.
You'll begin making crucial connections and experience powerful insights to understand why you're doing what you're doing and where you've been unknowingly trapped in the status quo by familiar patterns of inner conflict.


Pinpoint Growth Opportunities

Together we'll address areas where growth is required. You'll learn how to delve deep within to get answers from yourself with support and guidance.

You'll learn our powerful systems to free yourself from inner conflict, clear your energy from the inside out, and expand your brain-heart connection to accept new possibilities. While revealing buried talents, abilities and knowledge.

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Image by Joey Genovese

Build Massive Momentum

Take Action

Accept your originality. Take action and practice integrating your Intuitive Genius into daily living. Develop, hone and refine your unique talent, abilities and knowledge.


With 1:1 attention we'll trouble shoot areas where you need extra focus so you achieve your goals and experience

exponential growth.

We'll Pinpoint Inner Blindspots

Working together you'll discover:

  • What part of your history is the actual cause for repeating patterns

  • Why that energy is trapped inside you and what distortions it is causing 

  • How to unclog access to the buried inner resources hidden underneath that junk

  • How to stretch your brain and upgrade your thinking to get better results!

Exclusive Private Coaching 

Laser Sharp


You'll be fully supported to clear the clogs caused by inner blindspots that create self-sabotage, impinging on your happiness and success. 


With undivided attention focused on your specific situation you’ll move forward at warp speed!

gold illumination circle.png

Inner Leadership Development

You’ll reveal hidden inner resources to polish and perfect your leadership skills from within. You'll also build confidence and self-authority to wield your influence with finesse, heart and intuitive genius, allowing you to amplify your reach, actualize your dreams and exceed

your goals.

Clog Clearing Creates Extraordinary Results 

From Overworked

People Pleaser...

Fed up with being taken advantage of personally and professionally, long-standing patterns of self-sacrifice and people pleasing were the culprit. Freed from those clogs she was able to prioritize her own heart.

The Result: She carved out time for herself, fun, family and joy. With focus on her priorities she created a sustainable business model, with her ideal clients, an improved fee structure, and time to enjoy true happiness with life/work balance. 

From Dismissed By Her

Business Partner

With our targeted Clog Clearing Process, this business owner discovered a lifetime pattern of being ignored was blocking her self-expression. Armed with clarity and new inner resources her business partner listened to her.


The Results: Together they implemented her ideas to the tune of $10K more revenue a week!

What's Included?

Private Coaching Calls

We'll meet via Zoom weekly for:

60 minute Private Coaching Calls

so you're fully supported to clear the clogs in your way and get the clarity you need!

Private Coaching Portal

Our Zoom Coaching Calls will be recorded and uploaded to your very own private Coaching Portal. 

Practice Exercises

You'll get targeted practice exercises to build your inner muscles and implement your newfound clarity into daily living. 

Searchable Transcripts & Recordings!

In your private Coaching Portal you can replay our private zoom sessions. Listen to audio files, watch the videos or read transcripts. 

You can even search for a specific section you want to revisit!

Get Started Today and Become
Our Next Success Story!




Skyrocket Your Happiness & Success

Imagine the joy you'll feel as you integrate your Intuitive Genius, resolve inner conflict and refine the essential inner leadership skills necessary to maximize your

happiness & success.


You'll be smiling & radiating from within because you're leading yourself with

heart and soul!

The Possibilities You Can Achieve Are Infinite

You Will:

  • Become a better, happier, more successful you!

  • Build self-confidence, self-value and self-respect

  • Grow at an exponential rate

  • End sabotaging patterns permanently

  • Accelerate your progress by receiving support, encouragement and laser-sharp focus to troubleshoot stuck places

  • Enjoy momentum and intuitive clarity as you propel forward with customized attention 

  • Celebrate your wins and feel proud of your accomplishments!

This is an opportunity that'll pay dividends because the value of your time, happiness and freedom is priceless! 

What Our Clients Experience...

Image by Vinicius Wiesehofer

Nicole, Entrepreneur

"OMG!? Who would I be without your help? Thank goodness I didn't have to find out!"

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