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Become the CEO of your happiness!

Who Is This For?

Are you a man seeking to grow, advance and progress by learning more about how you think, process information, and use your intuitive clarity to make better decisions?

Inside you is a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and clarity that’s blocked by the years of being taught to buck up, suck up, and show up. Now you only have permission to feel angry, to use your humor, or to hide away by yourself contemplating.

You’re smart, ambitious, intuitive to some extent, and aware that you need a guide who can see what you can’t see for yourself — but is honest, direct, and pulls no punches. And you’ve been let down by most people so you aren’t sure who is trustworthy and who isn’t which is why you insist on going it alone, even though it’s not working.

Well, how can you help yourself when you have blindspots in the way? If you were aware of what to do differently, you would’ve done it already.

A Little About Me, Your Trainer...

Hi, I'm Christi! I’m an ambitious woman, who ran for political office at 27 and got elected. I held my own and even ran for Mayor two years later.

I have a Masters in Diplomacy & International Relations with concentrations on leadership and human rights. I’ve visited the Grand Duke of Luxembourg in his palace, met a former caliphate of Iran, shook hands with a previous Secretary General of the United Nations and along the way discovered that all people are the same — we all have feelings, need food, fuel ourselves with elements of their history and get stuck when we have blindspots.

I can tell you that the international level is a larger version of the state level, which is a larger version of the town level, which is all comprised of people.

Ultimately, people make good and bad decisions. People use their authority for positive and negative outcomes. People communicate based on the knowledge they have without any awareness of their own blindspots.

AND that is why I created this one-of-a-kind program. My insight, foresight, and crystal clarity to see inner blindspots has always set me apart. From the legal field to politics, to big business — always advocating for the little guy who needed someone to have their back.

That being said, I am very direct, honest, caring, and cuss sometimes. Time is short, life is even shorter and since I’ve overcome cancer twice — you don’t have to tell me how precious every moment is.

You don’t get a second shot at yesterday. But, you absolutely can take action to ensure that your history isn’t negatively influencing your today or tomorrow when you have me in your corner — because I am aware of it. I see it, feel it, hear it, and am an expert at guiding you how to address it. This way you create permanent and lasting new connections that fuel your success and happiness.

If that’s what you’re looking for, let’s discuss my 3 month BIZ DNA Training™ program. It’s said that it takes 21 days to create a habit, but 90 days to make a permanent life style improvement.

12-week Comprehensive Program
Your Happiness Is Your Business!

First, we’ll get clear on what’s not working. Because you can’t get ahead without understanding where you are.

Then, we’ll get clarity about your current frame of reference. That’s how you currently make choices and decisions.

Then, we’ll begin the awkward process of teaching you how to look within first. It’s awkward because it is totally counterintuitive. Your eyes look outward, so the first line of reference is what you see — even if it’s limiting and wrong.

We’ll go one step at a time so you advance quickly and build inner muscles that are crucial — like self-awareness, self-accountability, and self-authority — all from the inside out.

This is where you’ll begin to make extraordinary breakthroughs and reveal buried inner resources you had no idea were waiting for you to uncover.

Next, you’ll move into discernment as we build your inner leadership skills even deeper.

We’ll move from one step to the next based on how you’re progressing. As we address the difference between your inner vision and your visionary ability
you’ll learn how to use your intuitive clarity in a way that supports you personally and professionally.

We’ll train you how to discern the difference between emotional junk, emotional energy, and emotional oppression so that you feel confident to express yourself with the kindness of your heart and the wisdom of your head.

AND THEN, once you have that rock solid foundation in place and you’re smiling ear to ear beaming that you are one hell of a guy… then, and only then will we discuss your next steps. Because at that point, you’ll be curious and wondering what else do I have up my proverbial sleeves!

Group Training

3-Month Program

$999 per month

Currently enrolling.

1:1 Training

3-Month Program

$1,500 per month

Currently enrolling.

Unsure if this is right for you? Book a 15-minute chat to discuss if this is a good fit for you here.

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