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What Sacred Brilliance
Is Hidden Inside YOU?

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Groundbreaking Inner Growth

By illuminating growth opportunities you don't see or recognize (psst, they're hidden by blindspotsyou'll access to buried inner resources, talent and abilities!

Welcome, Fellow Soul Explorer!

You're ready to be part of something bigger than yourself that is grounded in integrity, where individuality is respected and a high priority is placed on respect for self and others. You're a self-starter, who thrives on becoming your absolute best self and accepts this requires ongoing training.


You're an individual who hasn't found your people because you're extremely discerning and are searching for others who share your high standards and impeccable value system.

You thrive on inner growth, learning, and expanding yourself — because you're aware that your inner game determines everything else!


You're a Soul Explorer! 

Soul Explorers Are Unique!

You feel energy.

Think like popcorn.

Use your gut feelings.

See beyond the obvious.

Have heightened awareness.

Envision what the world can be.

So, you need training that caters

to the unique way YOU work!


Let's Make Your Life

Your Masterpiece!

We train growth-minded, service-oriented soul explorers how to look within to discover untapped inner resources, expand your horizons, and build inner leadership skills.

Grow. Thrive. Prosper.

You want more for yourself. You're aware you have blindspots. You're ready for top-notch high-caliber training with a personal touch that cares about you with the same genuineness you have for others.


Maybe you haven't experienced the joy of being part of a collaborative team that has your back, but your heart tells you it would be awesome and so much fun to be supported, encouraged, and have guidance to avoid what you can't see for yourself. 

Sounds good, doesn't it? 

Welcome to Christi International — where growth is our norm. Expanding our horizons excites us! And teamwork is how we make better progress faster — both personally and professionally!

Groundbreaking Inner Growth

By illuminating growth opportunities you don't see or recognize (psst, they're hidden by blindspots) you'll access buried inner resources, talent and abilities!

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How We Work Together


Small Intimate Group Training

Grow in a small intimate group of like-minded souls who support each other, thrive on camaraderie and enjoy sharing experiences.

(10-12 people)


DIY Training
with Touch Points

Listen and learn with our DIY option. Go at your own pace. Submit questions. Receive group video feedback. Drop in for personal touch points with us or catch the recordings at your convenience.


Private Training

Work with us privately and get personalized attention! We'll customize and implement a plan just for you that tends to the specific areas of focus

you need. 

Look Within First

The shell protects valuable assets!

Inside yourself is your clarity =  

Your intuition.

Your innovation.

Your ingenuity. 

Your inner eyes. 

We'll train you how to access the valuable resources & answers inside you!
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Client Experiences

"OMG!? Who would I be without your help? Thank goodness I didn't have to find out!""


"The transformation I've experienced is incredible! This training is profound!!!"


"I can't believe the impact of my past on my present. I never could have recognized my inner blindspots on my own! Or communicated my ideas with confidence without your help!"


"I'm finally becoming the leader I always wanted to be. People are really appreciating me and listening to my wisdom!"


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Hi, We're Christi & Pete

Welcome, it's so nice to meet you!

Our team is here to help you explore inward, grow and expand your horizons: 

  • Develop inner clarity

  • Learn more about yourself

  • Refine your unique talents and abilities

  • Communicate with tact and diplomacy

  • Wield your energy and influence to elevate the people around you 

  • Build your inner leadership skills

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Thought-Provoking Events

Insightful, Powerful, and Engaging!

With our personalized approach to corporate training, inner leadership development and intuitive integration we'll connect your audience members so they're laughing, learning, and engaged with hands on exercises. 


Your audience will leave inspired with powerful insights about themselves, newfound connections, and actions to implement.

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