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Soul Stirring Inspiration

Unique gifts that touch the heart & soul!

Imagine the excitement of opening a letter that reveals insights to your most personal questions. Feeling inspired, having your soul stirred and your heart opening as you get clarity to better understand yourself!


Soul Letters are the most original gift you can give yourself, friends and loved ones!

Please note: Annual Special Ends December 31

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What Are The Benefits Of Soul Letters™?

 Soul Letter™ Experiences... 

Image by Myriam Zilles

"I can’t tell you enough times that it is the greatest give I have ever received and family members who open theirs have shared that same sentiment. They're so beautifully done & remain my greatest treasures to revisit frequently." #Greatest Gift To Give Or Receive

Image by Raspopova Marina

"Our Spirit letters arrived today! Of course I had to open mine right away and save the kids for Christmas. Reading it was such a joy and brought me so much happiness! Thank you so much!!"

Image by Mariana B.


"Mom, that was so cool! Did you get one too? Can we get them for our entire family?!" 

Image by Daniel Seßler


"You wrote a Soul Letter for my son, he LOVED it and said it was SPOT ON! Thank you!!! That was his favorite Christmas gift!" 



Order Your Soul Letters™

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Soul Letter™

Give yourself, friends, & family an original and meaningful gift!

Please note: Annual Special Ends December 31

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How Do You Know What To Write?

That’s a great question! And one that keeps me in a constant state of wonderment!

I hear souls the way you hear people. So we have a two-way conversation.

I sit at the computer and type out the guidance your Soul tells me you need.

As your Soul taps into my toolbox to provide inspiration, hints & reassurance that will help you best.
That's why all I need is a name and address.
Your Soul does the rest!


What Info Do You Need?

Name & Address Of Recipient

This way the privacy of every soul is protected! 

What Will I Receive?
  • Letters are mailed in a manilla envelope for protection & privacy

  • Printed on specialty stationery

  • Typically ranging 3-5 pages

  • Includes notecard explaining what a Soul Letter™ is & who the gift is from

What's My Deadline?

Annual Special Ends December 31

For any additional questions, please don't hesitate to call or text: 267-263-2747.

Email: Christi@ChristiInternational.com

In Their Words...


"These are the best holiday gifts ever!" - Deanne

Exactly What We Needed!

"Let me just start by saying a big THANK YOU for sharing your gift with me and my family.  All 4 of us feel so blessed to know you.  The spirit letters this year just made us feel even that much more special.  Everyone one of us agreed what was in the letters was exactly what we needed to hear." - Charlene


"I’m reading and rereading this letter!! There was a strong loving and clarifying energy throughout the letter. So I’m grateful!!" - Ann


"The soul letter - wow! The voice to so much that I have been feeling and searching for!!!  An absolute assurance reassurance and encouragement ....

Thank you so much. Your gift, your abilities and your genuine caring love cannot be described or recognized enough!" - Elle

On Target!

"My letter was on target!! Thank you for your beautiful reminders of the real me and how I can shift my energy to joy, humor and love and affect everyone else by doing so." - Annette

Excited To Give Gifts!

"Thank YOU so much for sharing your gift! I’m very excited to give my loved ones these special messages!" - Dee


 "I can’t wait to deliver them!! The best gift EVER to deliver/give." - Meg

Clarity and Peace

"I cannot thank you enough for working on my Spirit Letter with so much love and compassion that I know you put into every one. It has brought me so much clarity and peace in my current situation, and

has given me important and loving guidance on how to move forward" - Carol

Spot On!

"I can’t thank you enough for the beautiful letters! You have such amazing gifts and captured exactly how I have been feeling.  I am excited to do the work! I read my husband's letter and again...so spot on! Thank you!" - Angie


"I wanted to let you know my friend was very happy with her spirit letter. At first she thought I told you about her situation, when I told her you didn’t know anything about her she was even more impressed with the information in it. Thank you."  - Gail

Tips To Stay On Track

"Thank you so much for the time and energy you put into receiving and communicating the messages from my Soul. I LOVE having this letter as a reference. I have the page outlining the steps to take taped to my mirror so I can stay on track! You are such a gift in my life!" - Kathy


"We were very excited to see what was in store for us.  Very interesting, will have to re-read to digest and apply what we learned."  - Carol

Order My Soul Letters™

Image by Caroline Hernandez

Soul Letter™

Give yourself, friends, & family an original and meaningful gift!

Please note: Annual Special Ends December 31

Image by Tijana Drndarski

Thank You!

Writing Soul Letters™ is a privilege and honor. Your orders create opportunities to touch souls in such a precious way! With deepest gratitude for you, thank you for allowing me to share this unique ability with you and your loved ones❣️

💗 Christi

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