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You Hold The Keys To
Your Happiness

When you're happy with who you are,

your relationships thrive and your business prospers. 

On the other hand, when you have unresolved feelings of fear, insecurity or stress you'll sabotage your happiness.

That's why we begin with YOU!

Hi! We're Christi & Pete. We'll help you resolve that inner conflict so you become your happiest self!

You're An Original!

That's why you feel different from others. You are.

We'll help you resolve the inner conflict preventing you from accepting your uniqueness.

So you feel comfortable in your own skin to share everything that makes you 

uniquely you and live your happiest life out loud!

Psst. It's an inside job.

Get Clarity to Grow, Thrive & Prosper!

Imagine waking up each day feeling happy: this is your life!

We train intuitive people how to unclog your brain-heart connection.

Inside you is an Intuitive Genius with crystal clarity about who you are,

what you're capable of, and the exact direction you need to take

to actualize your deepest dreams, ultimate happiness and 

fulfill your greatest potential. 

If you have a gnawing sense inside, I'm here to make the world a better place,

Christi International is where you belong!

Imagine waking up each day feeling happy and excited: this is my life!

Feeling confident I'm exactly where I belong. Clearly understanding your Intuitive Genius. Using it to navigate forward to actualize your deepest dreams, ultimate happiness and fulfill your greatest potential.


Freed from historic conflict that used to rile you up inside. Charting your own course with purpose, direction and passion because you have tools and support to help yourself.

Christi International is where you belong, when you feel certain - I'm here to make the world a better place!

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Inner Conflict Resolution Training™ 

Intuitive people function differently.
You feel energy. Have heightened awareness. Think like popcorn.
So you need training that caters to the unique way YOU work!


That's short for This Sh*t Must End! Learn how to resolve the inner conflict blocking your Intuitive Genius.

Step 1
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Inner Clarity Training™

I'm seeking rock solid self-assurance and the tools to help me get there.

Step 2

I'm a Biz Owner, Solopreneur or Executive and I'm searching for 1:1 attention that can pinpoint with laser sharp precision the exact conflicts impeding my happiness and success. Build velocity and momentum to thrive and prosper.

1:1 Coaching
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Start Here With Step 1


Feelings Matter

They're The Heart of Your Intuitive Genius

Your feelings generate energy, and that energy either supports you or it causes emotional lockdown. When you feel stuck, this is your clue that it's time for a growth spurt!


 (that's short for This Sh*t Must End!)  

First, you'll learn how to use your feelings to identify growth opportunities hidden within inner conflict.

Next, you'll learn how to Become A Clog Clearing Pro™. Actively unclogging the negative energy that's blocking your growth and forward motion.

By learning how to resolve inner conflict you'll unlock access to your Intuitive Genius one layer at a time and discover there's a plethora of buried talent, knowledge and abilities inside you...

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Private And Group Training Available

Espresso is deep, bold & intense, providing eye-opening clarity
so you rise and shine - just like our training!

Image by Kris Gerhard
Image by Nathan Dumlao

1:1 Attention


Are you an intuitive person who prefers

1:1 attention?

Group Training


Are you an intuitive person who enjoys learning and growing with people like yourself? 

Client Experiences

"OMG!? Who would I be without your help? Thank goodness I didn't have to find out!""


"The transformation I've experienced is incredible! This training is profound!!!"


"I increased my revenues $10K a week. I never could have recognized my inner blindspots on my own!


"I'm finally becoming the leader I always wanted to be. People are really appreciating me and listening to my wisdom!"


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Hi, We're Christi & Pete!

Welcome, it's so nice to meet you.

When you're ready to become the you who:

  • Radiates happiness

  • Understands who you are

  • Shares your unique talents and abilities

  • Communicates with tact and diplomacy

  • Wields your energy and influence to elevate the people around you 

We're here to help!

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Thought-Provoking Training & Events

Insightful, Powerful, and Engaging!

With our personalized approach to corporate training, leadership development and intuitive integration we'll connect your audience members so they're laughing, learning and engaged with hands on exercises. 


Your audience will leave inspired with powerful insights about themselves, newfound connections and actions to implement.

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If you don't lead yourself forward,
who's gonna do it for you?

Christi Maybo

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