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Inner Clarity Training™

The Group Fast Track

Who This Is Best For...

  • You're ready to learn in a supportive environment with accountable people just like you!

  • You're aware that inner growth is the key to happiness & success.

  • You're an out-of-the-box thinker who appreciates unconventional non-traditional approaches. 

  • You're done with repeating patterns, getting stuck, and the familiar merry-go-round traps.

  • You're an intuitive soul who appreciates positive energy & tries to listen to your gut feelings.

  • You're a soul searcher who thrives on learning, growing & tools to live your optimal life. 

Welcome to The Team Track, this is where you belong!
The place where your heart & soul lead the way toward Inner Clarity. 

 Inner Clarity Training™

The Fast Track Inward & Forward

Get laser-sharp focus to merge your head, heart & spirit.

We'll shine a spotlight on the areas you can take action on!

You'll Learn You To:

  • Create breakthroughs in your business and personal life.

  • Drive positive, effective change.

  • Understand how you work, think, function.

  • Address your inner blindspots.

  • Maximize your success & happiness.

  • Be fully supported to develop your inner leadership skills.

Doing it for yourself, doesn’t translate to by yourself

You deserve loving assistance from people who genuinely care about you, the same way you care about others.

Buckle up and get ready to thrive at max speed!


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The Key to Rapid Growth is Learning 
How To Identify Inner Blindspots

It's okay that you want more from life and that you can't see everything for yourself. We're here to help you.

With our laser-sharp clarity, you'll maximize your happiness.

You don't have to struggle or go it alone anymore!

Step 1: Pinpoint Blocks

Identify Stuck Places With DIY Modules

Our Inner Clarity Training™ System will

 teach you how to identify inner blindspots by working with where you are. You'll use current experiences and emotions as your guide inward.

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Learn How To Deconstruct Your Blindspots 

By reverse engineering your experiences, you'll understand:

  • What part of your history is the actual cause for repeating patterns

  • Why that energy is trapped inside you & what distortions its causing 

  • How to unclog access to the buried inner resources hidden underneath that junk

  • How to stretch your brain and upgrade your Brain Train to get better results!

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Then, You'll Become A Clog Clearing Pro™

Step 2: Group Coaching


Inner Resources

You'll actively clear the clogs blocking access to essential hidden inner resources necessary to navigate forward!

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Integrate Your Newfound Inner Assets

You'll actively practice using the newfound skills we unearth to improve your daily living! So you'll become a happier and more successful self!

What's Included?

DIY Modules

  • You'll laugh and learn as practice using  our Inner Clarity Training System.

Practice Exercises

You'll get targeted practice exercises to build your inner muscles and implement your newfound clarity into daily living. 

Bonus: ToolBox

Your toolbox is already loaded with  our "Christi Clarity" Formulas, The Inner Bullshit Detector™, The Soul Stretch™, and other great surprises!

Group Coaching Calls

& Office Hours

We'll meet via Zoom for:

(4) 90-minute Group Coaching Calls

(4) 60-minute Office Hours

Attend Live via Zoom or Catch The Replay

Private Coaching Portal

Our Zoom Coaching Calls will be recorded and uploaded to your very own private Coaching Portal. 

Searchable Transcripts & Recordings!

In your private Coaching Portal you can replay our group coaching sessions. Listen to audio files, watch the videos or read transcripts. 

You can even search for a specific section you want to revisit!

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You'll Get:

Valued At: $2,497

DIY Modules 
with Video, Worksheets & Exercises

Valued At: $597

90 Minutes Each

Valued At: $397


60 Minutes Each

Valued At: $497

Your Own Private Coaching Portal

Coaching Calls

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Get Clarity!


Imagine the joy you'll feel as you unlock access to the essential inner leadership skills necessary to maximize your happiness & success.


You'll be smiling & radiating from within because you have inner clarity!

In Total That's A Value Of Over: $4,000

But Your Self-Investment Is Only: $997


  • Become a better, happier, more successful you!

  • Build your self-confidence, self-value and self-respect

  • Grow at an exponential rate

  • End sabotaging patterns permanently

  • Accelerate your progress by receiving support, encouragement and laser sharp focus to trouble shoot stuck places

  • Enjoy momentum & teamwork as you propel forward with people just like you

  • Celebrate your wins and feel proud of your accomplishments!

This is an opportunity that'll pay dividends because the value of your time, happiness & freedom is priceless! 

Get Started!

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Inner Clarity Training™- Level 1  (The Group Track)

Valued at over $4,000

Your Self-Investment $997

Register Today!

What Our Clients Experience...

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Image by Freddy Castro

Betsy, Entrepreneur

"Suddenly everyone is interested in something I've been promoting for 16 years! Thanks for all your help!!"

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