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BIZ DNA Training™

Your Business Is Your Happiness
1:1 Customized Attention 

Who This Is For...

You're a go-getter. Driven and motivated.

You're aware that inner growth is essential to a happy life.  

You've achieved financial stability but, inside you're seeking greater happiness.

You're an intuitive soul who dreams of making a profoundly positive impact in the world.

You want tools to help yourself go as deeply within as possible to make exponential progress.

Welcome to The BIZ DNA Track, this is where you belong!

You Hold The Keys To Your Happiness

That's why we begin with you.

When you're happy with who you are,

your relationships thrive,

and your business will prosper. 


On the other hand, when your fears, insecurities or stress takes over you'll sabotage your happiness without awareness you're actually the one harming yourself. 


YOU Belong At The Helm

Inner Growth  = More Effective Leadership, Communications & Decisions

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Inner Clarity Training™

When you understand yourself, everything becomes possible!

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Level 1:
Inner Blindspot Detection™

Your negative emotions create inner blindspots that block clarity.

This course will train you how to use your feelings to detect inner blindspots blocking your clarity. You'll Become a Clog Clearing Pro™! 

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Level 2:
Blaze That Trail™

You were born with unique talent and innate abilities. 

This course will train you how to accept yourself for you uniqueness. You'll embrace your confidence, self-acceptance and self-expression.

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Level 3:
BIZ DNA - The Heart & Soul Of Your Business

Every business is unique!

This customized training will:

  • Clarify your innate skills

  • Reveal how your history has cultivated your talent

  • Identify your ideal clients

  • Build your business in harmony with your heart and soul

  • Develop your self-authority to wield your expertise and influence with integrity.

Your true abilities will shine so you love your life and business!

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Inner Clarity Training Programs™

Get Started!

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Inner Clarity Training™ 
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Case Studies

When we pinpoint & clear the precise clogs impacting you, the results are astounding!

From Frustrated and Stifled...

Frustrated by a perpetual lack of happiness, she wanted to understand why years of therapy, tons of classes and books later no matter how hard she tried, she was always stuck again!


We taught her to stop undermining herself with her feelings and to use them as tools instead. Step-by-step she discovered a beautiful heart locked beneath layers of fear, insecurity and abandonment stemming from her mom’s untimely death when she was just 10 years young.


The Result: She learned to give herself credit for her good heart and the impact of her loving actions, which led to the astonishing revelation she's actually an unstoppable force of nature who was always blazing a trail to emulate.

From Anxiety & Overwhelm...

Overwhelmed with anxiety she was tired of missing out on life and using work as an excuse to hide out in her office.


Through our process she realized that  she covered up her big heart with many layers of self-protection. And was now trapped in patterns of self-criticism, fear and insecurity. She hid because isolation felt safe due to a history of verbal abuse and emotional neglect. She needed to learn how to feel safe in her own skin and accept her true genius!

The Result: She's sharing her ideas instead of hiding them away and allowing herself to shine! Not only is she practicing wielding her authority and influence at home, in the boardroom & on the ball field, but she's feeling happy to be herself!

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