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We Train Health & Wellness Providers 
How To Thrive & Prosper 
Personally and Professionally!

Learn how to effectively integrate your Intuition into daily life. 

Your Intuition Is Already Guiding You

You have a gnawing feeling inside: I'm here to make the world a better place.

You're ready for more happiness, greater satisfaction, and propulsion forward.

You're seeking intensive inner growth to thrive and prosper in every area of your life. 

You're aware the answers are inside you and you want training to access them.

You give so much to others, now it's YOUR turn!

Intuitive People Function Differently

You feel energy.

Think like popcorn.

Use your gut feelings.

See beyond the obvious.

Have heightened awareness.

Envision what the world can be.

So you need training that caters

to the unique way YOU work!

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It's An Inside Job!

We Start With YOU!

Because the answers are inside YOU.

What you feel inside is brimming with clues to unlock your personal keys to crystal clarity, ultimate happiness, true dream fulfillment. 

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Step 1: Clarity

Gain Powerful Insights & Connections

You give so much to others, it's too familiar to put your own happiness on the backburner as you tend to their needs. 

You'll begin by learning about the emotional energy you generate and how it impacts you. 

Then, you'll develop your own personal Happiness Blueprint™. You'll learn how to prioritize yourself so you generate the clean emotional energy you need to share with others in a purer capacity.

Step 2: Stretch

Powerful Insights. Connections.
Overcome Happiness Blindspots

Free yourself from repeating inner conflict.

Address emotional energy from the inside out.

Expand your brain to accept new possibilities. Reveal buried talents, abilities and knowledge.


Pinpoint areas where growth is required.

Learn how to delve deep within.

Get answers from yourself.

Build inner clarity.

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Image by Todd Steitle
Build Momentum

Step 3:
Propel Yourself Forward

The Propulsion Is YOUR Energy

As you learn how to unclog the emotional energy impacting you from inside you'll easily build momentum to propel yourself forward. 

Groundbreaking Inner Growth

By illuminating growth opportunities you don't see or recognize are impacting you, you'll learn how to unclog access to buried inner resources, talent and abilities!


Hi, We're Christi & Pete!

Welcome, it's so nice to meet you.

When you're ready to become the you who:

  • Radiates happiness

  • Understands who you are

  • Shares your unique talents and abilities

  • Communicates with tact and diplomacy

  • Wields your energy and influence to elevate the people around you 

We're here to help!

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Client Experiences

"Christi has a tool box full of things to help navigate the past and present and give you a future that’s bright, clear and beautiful. It’s hard work but so worth it.. and Christi is there every step of the way! Highly recommend!!!"

Food Industry

"Since I worked with you, the interest in my art journaling workshops has taken off. Suddenly everyone is interested in something I've been promoting for 16 years. Thanks for all your help!"

Art Journaling Instructor

"I have always been committed to self healing and your assistance has enabled me to advance quicker than I would have on my own.  The quantum leaps are eternally appreciated! Time is precious and I can see and feel my true light getting brighter and brighter!"

Licensed Therapist

"Christi & Pete's classes are amazing! When you finish one you want to continue on to another!" 

Reiki Master

"I HIGHLY recommend Christi and Pete. They're both unique in their own way and work great as a team. Christi helped me see what was blocking my progress by helping me heal from traumas I "thought" I had overcome in this lifetime ( I know you know what I'm talking about)! If you're looking for people to teach you how to figure out what your gifts/abilities are and how you work with them, look no further! They are AMAZING at pinpointing how your intuition and energy work and guiding you how to utilize that. There is something special about both of them and I appreciate their respect for boundaries, privacy and people as a whole."

Kim, Energy Wellness Provider

Small Group Training

Intuitive Clarity Training™

Level 1

3 month program.

Payable in 3 installments

of $999.

Currently enrolling.

Group max is 8 participants.

We'll Address:

  • Goals & Vision

  • Value System

  • Emotional Energy Intelligence

  • Communications

  • Your Authority

  • Your Expertise

  • Happiness Blindspots

  • Success Blindspots

  • Prosperity Blindspots

  • Hidden Fears & Insecurities

  • Intuitive Clarity

  • And more...

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