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Look Within First

The wisdom inside YOU is prestigious, impressive, influential and deserves respect. 

Learn how to prosper - personally and professionally by gaining access to the spectacular brilliance inside yourself!

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Discover What Fuels Your Heart And Soul...


Sharing the innate talent, skills and knowledge inside yourself with the rest of the world. 


An on-going process of learning, integrating and accessing more of your infinite potential. 


The fire in your belly that excites your heart and soul motivating you to take action.

Fun and Adventure

The joy of joining with others who have your high standards to actualize more. Because more is possible together.


The lasting impact you create that's greater than yourself. 

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You're ready for more! What an exciting and exhilarating time!

Welcome, we're Christi and Pete, your guides inward. Our team is here to train you step by step how to explore inside yourself!


Get ready for a fun, supportive and immersive experience unlike anything you've ever imagined! 

You have a deep internal gnawing: "I'm here for a reason, I'm aware I have a purpose and I want to share it. But... what is it? There's got to be more to life than this? "

Awesome, then you're in the right place!


It's okay you lack clarity or have messy feelings about it. That's how humans function. When blindspots block clarity — our feelings tell us!


That's why inner blindspots are the problem — not you!


So be kind to yourself. If you could've figured it out on your own, as smart and intuitive as you are, you'd have done so a long time ago!

Your core is where the most precious parts of you are located. Think of it as your inner vault, with all your personal inner resources.


When you function from the core out, you live, breath, walk, talk — heck, you’ll joyfully dance through life — because you'll lead yourself forward from the vantage point of your own wealth of knowledge and talent! Priceless value!

You'll be grinning ear to ear with certainty in your heart and soul — this is who I am and this is what I'm here to share. As you're creating the powerful legacy you've dreamed about!

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Look Within First

Together, we'll ensure you have healthy life/work balance so that your life supports your dreams and ultimate happiness.  With customized training and a personalized plan of action that meets your specific goals, you'll make exponential progress.


We'll take a holistic approach. Yes, financial prosperity is essential, however, it's only one element of a happy and thriving life. Your health, well-being and relationships are equally crucial pieces that must be incorporated for a truly prosperous life.

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Get Clarity

Before you can accomplish anything, you must understand what you want, why you want it, and have crystal clarity about your value system. Everything you build hinges on this first step.



To get further in life you must grow beyond where you are internally so that you're open to receive more and willing to stretch beyond your comfort zone.


Thrive and Prosper

Your ultimate happiness, success and well-being is determined by your ability to thrive and prosper as a person first while navigating life and balancing all of your additional responsibilities.

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Get Started Today!

You're ready to be part of something bigger than yourself that is grounded in integrity, where individuality is respected and a high priority is placed on respect for self and others. You're a self-starter, who thrives on becoming your absolute best self and accepts this requires ongoing training.



You're an individual who hasn't found your tribe because you're extremely discerning and are searching for others who share your high standards and impeccable value system.

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Your Premium Fuel

Joining with like-minded people who hold themselves accountable for their own growth, impact and actions.


Opportunity to hone and refine your innate skills and talent at your own intense pace.


High caliber training and tools to maximize your fullest potential.

A sense of wonderment, awe and adventure at what is possible! It feels truly magical!

An Innovative Approach


What's Included?

The Dream Maker System™

Learn my personal system with the essential steps to actualize your dreams, build a life and business you love, and practice generating the exact emotional energy required to exceed your expectations. Get crucial insider knowledge!

Weekly Coaching

Exclusive weekly live 1:1 coaching to build momentum and steady growth.

Practice Exercises

Receive brain stretching audio files and exercises to expand your thinking, understand how you process information, and create perception pivots.

Private Coaching Portal

Replay our private coaching sessions. Listen to audio files, watch the videos or read transcripts. Search for specific sections you want to revisit!

How it Works



"If you don't lead yourself forward,

who's gonna do it for you?"

Christi Maybo

The Ultimate 1:1 Coaching Package

    Become the CEO of your happiness!

    Unlock the answers inside yourself!

    Reveal the path of your heart & soul!

Total Value:


Your Investment:

3 Installments of


I'm In!

    Small, intimate groups of no more than 10

Total Value:


Your Investment:

3 Installments of


I'm In!

The Ultimate Group Coaching Package

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