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Feelings Guide Perceptions

When you breathe in air your body absorbs the oxygen it needs and it naturally without thought expels the carbon dioxide that doesn’t support your optimal functioning. If your body didn’t do this - you’d be oversaturated with poisonous gas and you'd suffocate.

Physically it's easy to understand that many internal processes occur without our conscious awareness, but what’s harder to comprehend is that our emotions generate energy that can also become suffocating.

Every feeling emits an energy.

Thinking about someone you love. Happiness floods in so you generate positive energy. Remembering a fight you had allows upset to take over consequently, you’ll generate negative energy.

Experiencing life. Emotions are triggered. Energy is generated.


You’re at the gym and observe someone really pounding the weights - you feel something.

  • Are you inspired to work out harder?

  • Do you compare your less lean muscles to theirs and feel defeated?

  • Do you give up because you tell yourself I won’t ever look like that?

What you feel stimulates energy inside yourself and that impacts the choices you make and the options you perceive. As well as the ones that remain hidden from view.

Feelings Directly Impact Perception

Here’s the problem: Typically that clarity isn’t obvious because the feelings occur in the background without conscious awareness, just like breathing.

However, when you actively begin to develop emotional awareness you’re empowered to generate positive energy because you can become accountable for the energy that you're generating and how it's impacting you.

YOU are impacted by what you experience internally. And the way your energy is fueled makes a huge difference in your happiness, joy, success and clarity.

Build Emotional Awareness Experiment

  1. Begin to pay closer attention to how you feel

  2. Notice how your feelings focus your attention on specific situations

  3. Actively choose to switch tracks to maintain a positive focus so you generate positive energy

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