Welcome to 2022! 🎉

Today is the first day of the rest of your life! I'll l tell you this again tomorrow and the next day because every single day you're alive - IT IS the first day of the rest of your life. And when I say it like this, you'll value the day and the trajectory being set in motion.

Like this - if today is the first day of the rest of my life, it’s a fresh day to do as I wish. To set brilliant plans in motion. To take action. To go in the direction of my dreams. Because…dun da da dun…you aren’t held back by yesterday! #InnerFreedom #FreshStart

That's the difference Inner Clarity Training™ makes. When you're aware of the clues to your own self-sabotage patterns you recognize that YOU are the authority of you. And that simple, yet profound recognition makes the difference between settling and accepting the status quo vs. breaking free to be innovative and non-conventional.

Bet you weren’t thinking that, were you? Because it’s easy to overlook the power within you when the answers you need are locked up or you don’t feel like you have access to them. And yet, the way to get that clarity, make that crystal clarity, is to have a system with steps and stages to acknowledge your own growth and expansion.

Self-Assessment Exercise

Answer this: You tried really hard to accomplish something last year - make more money, get yourself to exercise, be healthy, help yourself in some way - and it didn’t work out. How do you feel?

  • defeated

  • helpless

  • hopeless

  • frustrated

  • powerless

  • deflated

  • flattened

What Does My Answer Reveal?

If any of that sounds familiar - please pay close attention. Those are the clues you aren’t aware of how you wield your energy and influence to undermine yourself. #SelfSabotage

Because missteps will happen. Areas where you lack knowledge and weren’t aware of it exist. And there’s a ton of knowledge you don’t know that you don’t know, that is until you make a mistake or can’t get where you want to go. So how you respond to that internally tells you everything you need to know about where you are inside.

That’s the essential key - where you are inside. It doesn’t matter how you respond externally to life or people or how brilliantly you’d be able to help someone else. What's happening inside you is either adding to your happiness or its sabotaging you. Plain and simple.

What Can I Do About It?

When you’re armed with tools to help yourself, clues to recognize you’re undermining yourself and awareness that sabotage is getting in the way - you’ll feel empowered to become the you your Soul sees. Instead of feeling trapped by the way your life experiences conditioned you to respond to life.

At the core, that’s the key to The Happy Soul System™ learning how to respond to life from the vantage point of the pure love and wisdom of your Soul. Instead of the pre-programmed information your brain has access to because your experiences taught it what to accept.

For today, think about this: Where in your life are you settling, accepting the status quo and yet, yearning for more?

Because that’s providing clues to identify your Inner Sabotage Pattern. That pattern is literally rooted in your experiences. Yet, familiarity caused it to become normalized so you aren’t fully aware of how drastically its guiding your choices and decisions.

Key phrases to listen for:

  1. Why bother?

  2. What’s the use?

  3. It’ll never get better…

  4. May as well accept this is as good as it gets

Specifically look for examples of complacency, settling and giving up. And be kind to yourself because where that's happening your Soul’s wisdom is trapped. Translated, you genuinely haven't been aware of the sabotage and accept this is how it is. So in the process you're overlooking the infinite power within you for your own benefit. It’s self-sabotage at it’s peak - hidden in plain sight!

You Got This!!

And remember, the reason we seek out inner sabotage is to extinguish its ability to put out our inner spark! So this is a positive exercise even though it feels yucky!

Today’s Tip: You cannot improve a situation until you become aware it needs improving!!#InnerClarity
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