What Clues Are Your Emotions Providing?

We're 12 days into the new year…how do you feel? What are you experiencing? Are you on track for where you wish to arrive?

How can you tell? After all, it’s only been 12 days!

The clues are in your answers to those questions - because how you answer each one is a tell-tale sign pointing in a direction.

What Are You Feeling 12 days into 2022?

Do you feel defeated and deflated? Thinking life isn’t the way you wish it to be. You’re still trying to wrap your head around the lingering challenges from last year and don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel..

Do you feel excited and a sense of anticipation about what the new year will hold? Thinking about all the possibilities and the blank slate ahead of you.

Do you feel sad for where you’ve been and hopeful that the future is better, but uncertain how to get there or what to do to help yourself ensure what’s head is definitely an improvement?

Each set of feelings is connected to a pattern of actions, choices, attitudes, belief systems, trajectories and potential outcomes.

Feelings Are Your Breadcrumbs

That’s why learning how to use your feelings as the breadcrumbs they are is so essential. Yet, also overlooked because we want to feel happy. We need to feel a sense of relief after undergoing periods of stress, anxiety or fear, like a pandemic. So it doesn’t logically make sense that the feelings, especially negative ones are the clues. One of our clients recently said, “So what you’re saying is don’t run away from what feels negative. Don’t try to have a positive attitude?”

Not exactly. A positive attitude is important!

What we're saying is that underneath those negative feelings are deeply rooted patterns that are hard to identify. Yet, they affect how you make choices or perceive opportunity. And because of that, we developed a system to learn how to use your own data to unearth buried potential. So when you feel negative if you think you need to run away from that emotion - you haven’t been trained how to develop inner clarity.

Because those feelings that are uncomfortable and familiar - are literally the way you sabotage yourself without conscious awareness. AND your Soul, that Intuitive Genius inside you is desperately trying to get your attention to guide you forward in a better way. HOWEVER, the reason you can’t get there is specifically because you need access to that buried potential.

Your Soul Is Shining A Spotlight

It’s as if your Soul is shining a spotlight and saying, “Psst, self - it’s there. Right there. It’s right smack in front of you. I did the hard work…see it?!” But without proper training or tools, you’ll easily get stuck in familiar patterns of self-blame, over accountability, fear or even anxiety wondering things like:

  • Why am I here?

  • What’s my purpose?

  • Isn’t there more to life than this?

Those are your clues - it’s time to step inward to wear your innate skills. You’re ready to discover the clarity that’s hidden inside you. And most importantly, you aren’t willing to stay on the same familiar track that’s become normalized.

If that sounds exciting, it is! But here’s the part where people get tripped up, and because we see this everyday - we want you to know with full certainty - all the answers are already inside you - the only problem is you may not understand what they mean. Or how to interpret them. Or worse, you could think they're saying something they aren’t.

Case Study

Like this client of ours, she’s so loving and compassionate. And truth be told, she’s been through hell - but if you were with her, you’d never see it. What you’d see instead is a funny person, whose bringing levity to any situation where people are stressed out, and she’s making you forget how hard life felt just moments ago. Because you feel a sense of connection when she’s there.

But on the inside - she’s felt alone, isolated, misunderstood, left high and dry and spent a lifetime wondering why she deserved to be treated with such cruelty. What she wasn’t aware of, was her inner distortions were completely altering the way she perceived herself. Her unmet historic needs had turned her into a negative generating energy machine when she was doing something for herself.

For others, she was doing the exact opposite.

She reached out to us because she wanted more for herself, but wasn't sure how to get there. Fortunately with our guidance, clarity and tools she realized she could do something to help herself unlearn the familiar and grow into a better version of herself. She just needed the right knowledge and supportive guidance to intervene when she wasn’t aware of the negativity brewing inside.

Get Clarity To Help Yourself

That’s why we do what we do everyday - we help people grow by developing inner clarity so you learn how to get access to the answers inside you. How to identify your purpose, your path of service and how to be the positive influencer you were born to be.

If that sounds exciting, and you’re ready to get on a better track in 2022 - you can get started now!

EC² Masterclass

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Clarity Corner

Not ready for that speed, join us Thursday nights for Clarity Corner where you’ll gain profound insights to learn and grow step by step.

PS - Your life isn’t waiting for you. So if you’re waiting for it, consider this is your opportunity to take initiative to get the tools, clarity and guidance to ensure 2022 is your best year yet! Besides it's so much more fun to grow as part of a team of like minded soul adventurers who are unwilling to remain in the status quo!

We look forward to seeing you on the other side of the bridge to your happiest life!

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