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This Sh*t Must End!

4- Week Group Coaching Program

OMG!? Not this a-g-a-i-n!? WTF?!? Are you kidding me? BUT...I've already done so much work?

Why can't I end this repeating pattern?! WHY does it keep happening?!?

HELP! I'M FED UP! If that's what you're thinking - this is for you!

The Problem Isn't You. It's Blindspots!

That's why you can't figure it out on your own. 

So let yourself off the hook. We're here to help guide you to pinpoint what's going on.

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Pinpoint The Sh*t

Step 1: 8 DIY Modules

No more wasting time spinning your wheels trying to figure out what's going on. Instead you'll begin with the real feelings you have - right where you are to get clarity about what sh*t must end!

Learn How To Deconstruct Your Blindspots 

By Reverse Engineering Your Experiences, you'll 

  • Understand what part of your history is the actual cause for the repeating loops

  • Why that energy is trapped inside you & what distortions are keeping you stuck

  • How to unclog access to the buried inner resources hidden underneath that junk

  • How to stretch your brain and upgrade your Brain Train to get better results!

Clear That Sh*t!

Step 2: Group Coaching Sessions

Become A Clog Clearing Pro!

During our Coaching Calls  you'll clear the clogs blocking access to essential hidden inner resources necessary to navigate forward!

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Integrate Your Newfound Inner Assets

You'll actively practice using the newfound skills we unearth to improve your daily living! So you'll become a happier and more successful self!

What's Included?

DIY Modules

You'll breeze through 8 modules, with videos, exercises and worksheets to pinpoint the real sh*t that has to go!

Practice Exercises

You'll get targeted practice exercises to build your inner muscles and implement your newfound clarity into daily living. 

Bonus: ToolBox

Your toolbox is already full with videos, workbooks and worksheets!

Our "Christi Clarity" Formulas, The Inner Bullshit Detector™, The Soul Stretch™, and other great surprises!

Group Coaching Calls

Q&A Sessions

We'll meet via Zoom for:

(4) 90-minute Group Coaching Calls

(4) 60-minute Group Q&A Sessions

Attend Live via Zoom or Catch The Replay

Private Coaching Portal

Our Zoom Coaching Calls will be recorded and uploaded to your very own private Coaching Portal. 

Searchable Transcripts & Recordings!

In your private Coaching Portal you can listen to audio files, watch the videos or read transcripts. 

You can even search for the specific section you want to revisit!


You'll Get:


DIY Modules 

with Video, Worksheets & Exercises

Valued At: $2497


Coaching Calls

90 Minutes Each

Valued At: $597


Group Q&A

60 Minutes Each

Valued At: $397


Your Own Private Coaching Portal

Valued At: $497


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Imagine the freedom you'll feel when this struggle is behind you and you're smiling. Feeling happy, fulfilled and radiating from within because you have inner clarity!

In Total That's A Value Of Over: $4,000

Your Self-Investment: $797

You'll Get:

  • Laser Sharp Clarity

  • Tools to Help Yourself

  • Group Coaching

  • Q & A Sessions

  • DIY Modules

  • Private Coaching Portal

  • Searchable Transcripts, Audio Files & Videos

  • And more...


Most importantly, you'll discover a better, happier and more successful you! This is an opportunity that'll pay dividends because the value of your time, happiness and freedom is priceless! 

Group Coaching Calls (90 minutes)

Group Q&A Sessions (60 Minutes)

Attend Live via Zoom or Catch The Replay

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Get On The Waitlist

This Sh*t Must End!

Valued at over $4,000

Your Self-Investment: $797

Register Today!

What Our Clients Experience...

Image by Danilo Batista


"OMG!? Who would I be without your help? Thank goodness I didn't have to find out!"

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