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TSME™: 4-week program

(that's short for This Sh*t Must End!)

To Access Your Intuitive Genius,
You'll Need Clarity To:

  • Unclog the junk blocking access to the answers inside you

  • Discern what makes you uniquely you

  • Understand why you don't want to stand out 

  • Address fears and insecurity about why being different feels scary

  • Learn how to use your emotions as breadcrumbs to retrieve buried inner resources

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Your Emotions Matter

Feelings are the heart of your intuition.

You can't ignore, deny, push them down and expect to have clarity, connections or make healthy choices. 

The problem is you're so used to hiding from your feelings to buck up, suck up and show up - that you aren't aware of what's going on inside yourself. 

It's Not That...

It's This...

It's not that another person is causing your stress, anxiety or upset.

It's not that there's something wrong with you or that you're flawed.

Energy is brewing inside yourself and this is causing emotional lockdown.

Your past is influencing your present and blocking your brain-heart connection.

How Does The TSME!™ Program Work?

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Phase 1: TSME!™

(aka This Shi*! Must End)

Deep. Intensive. Focused on you understanding you. Because you need tools, expert guidance and a safe place to dig deep within to peel back the layers of your inner conflict that are impeding

your happiness.

This is where you'll learn how to use your current feelings and struggles as breadcrumbs to identify growth opportunities.

Your History Creates Inner Blindspots
That Block Access To Your Intuition

When your history is writing your future you aren't aware of it because the pattern is normalized.

You've accepted this is just how life is.

The problem is hidden in plain sight!

Good thing your intuition recognizes there's a better way!

What's the clue? Your feelings of inner conflict.

Phase 2: Clear Clogs

Reverse Engineering Your Experiences

This phase of the process will train you to obtain the answers from within yourself to build a strong and stable inner foundation of support, reassurance and comfort. 

  • Understand what part of your history is the actual cause for the repeating loops

  • Get insight about why that energy was trapped and what distortions are keeping you stuck

  • Break through clogs to access the buried inner resources hidden underneath that junk

  • Upgrade your thinking to achieve better results!


You'll address the emotional clogs blocking access to your intuition. So you feel lighter, happier, and empowered to lead from within.

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Then, you'll be ready for
Phase 3: Reveal Hidden Talents

Your Next Step after TSME!

Reveal buried talents, knowledge and energy that was hidden beneath the clogs so that you can practice integrating your intuition with inner leadership skills. 

You'll pinpoint with laser-sharp precision the exact clogs keeping you from having clarity about your innate talent, unique knowledge and self-expression.

This is a fast-paced, advanced program to build massive momentum, crystal clarity and profound insight. 

What's Included?

Discover Your Unique Traits!

During our Group Coaching Sessions,  you'll clear the clogs blocking

access to essential hidden inner resources necessary to

navigate forward as

your unique self!

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Implementation Exercises

This experiential course will provide you with ample exercises to actively practice building new skills,  develop your

intuitive understanding, and 

clarify your brain-heart


DIY Modules

You'll breeze through fun videos as we train you step by step how to pinpoint the real sh*t that has to go! 

Practice Exercises

You'll get targeted practice exercises to build your inner muscles and implement your newfound clarity into daily living. 

Bonus: Resources

You'll get BONUS Resources to help you:  Develop greater awareness about your talents. Avoid self-sabotage. Identify when your history is impeding on your present. And other great surprises!

Group Coaching Calls &

Office Hours

We'll meet via Zoom for:

(8) 90-minute Group Coaching Calls

(6) 45-minute Group Office Hours

Attend Live via Zoom or Catch The Replay

Private Coaching Portal

Our Zoom Coaching Calls will be recorded and uploaded to your very own private Coaching Portal. 

Searchable Transcripts & Recordings!

In your private Coaching Portal you can replay our coaching sessions by listening to audio files, watching videos or reading transcripts. You can even search for specific sections you want to revisit!

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You'll Get:

Valued At: $2,497

18 DIY Modules 
with Videos, Worksheets & Exercises

Valued At: $1,200

8 Group
Coaching Calls

90 Minutes Each

Valued At: $797

6 Office

45 Minutes Each

Valued At: $497

Your Own Private Coaching Portal

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Skyrocket Your Happiness & Success

After you've finished TSME!™, you'll have incredible insights, clarity and ah-ha moments about yourself. Then, you'll be ready for Blaze That Trail™

First, you have to learn how to resolve inner conflict to protect yourself from inner blindspots. This way you're safe and protected to continue growing!

In Total, That's A Value Of Over $5,000

But, Your Self-Investment Is Only $1,997 

You Will:

  • Become a better, happier, more successful you!

  • Build self-confidence, self-value and self-respect

  • Grow at an exponential rate

  • End sabotaging patterns permanently

  • Accelerate your progress by receiving support, encouragement and laser-sharp focus to troubleshoot stuck places

  • Enjoy momentum and teamwork as you propel forward with people just like you

  • Celebrate your wins and feel proud of your accomplishments!

This is an opportunity that'll pay dividends because the value of your time, happiness and freedom is priceless! 

About Pete & Christi

You don't have to go at it alone anymore. You deserve support, encouragement, and the fun of being part of a team. ​

Team Maybo at your service! Christi is an intuitive powerhouse who identifies growth opportunities with honed precision to easily pierce through your inner blindspots, ensuring you open your heart to access your Intuitive Genius.


Pete naturally feels energy to help you understand how it's being harnessed and expressed, so you wield your authority and influence with integrity. 


Together we'll empower you to Unleash The Leader Within™

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Register Now:

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TSME!™: 8-week Program

Valued at over: $5,000

Your Self-Investment: $1,997

Register Today!

What Our Clients Experience...

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Image by Philipp Lansing

Jodi, Health Advocate

"I'm in awe of the progress I've made. I moved to another state during the pandemic to follow my dreams. Built my confidence and continue to surpass my own expectations! It's a privilege for me to get all the assistance and guidance Christi & Pete provide. I really can't tell you how happy and grateful I am!"

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