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That's Why You Feel Fed Up!

We help intuitive, purpose-driven go getters

fed up with the status quo & historic patterns transcend into happy, confident,

thriving Souls who exceed their own expectations.


With Inner Clarity You Lead Yourself With Heart & Soul

Instead of allowing your history to negatively influence you, your life & decisions. 

You play a different game. Where your happiness & success are paramount

because you're aware that what's generated inside you affects your experiences, impact & legacy.

So you actively choose to grow

to ensure the exponential chain reaction of your choices, words & actions is positive & uplifting.


Who We Help...

  • You've been on a search for something more.

  • You're seeking laser sharp precision to detect your blindspots, clear your inner clutter & go deeper.

  • You're fed up with the status quo.

  • You're done with repeating patterns & are unwilling to accept the sh*t.

  • You're an independent self-starter who feels like a lone wolf and rare bird.

  • You're an intuitive soul who appreciates positive energy, good vibes & tries to listen to your gut feelings.

  • You're used to flying solo because you haven't found your flock. Besides no one's had your back the way you've had theirs so you aren't even sure if there are people like you.

Welcome to Christi International, this is where you belong!
The place where your heart & soul lead the way toward Inner Clarity. 

The possibilities are infinite when you give yourself permission to take initiative.

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Identify Your Blindspots
Breakthrough Blocks

You don’t know what you don’t know. That's why you need assistance. If you could've identified the problem you'd have solved it by now. 

With your blindspots identified, you'll learn how to clear historic clogs blocking access to the clarity of your heart & soul. 

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Exceed Your Expectations

With newfound clarity and confidence you’ll become the unstoppable leader your Soul envisions.

It's Your Turn For Clarity, Happiness & Success

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Hi! We're Christi & Pete
The Inner Clarity Coaches™

Over the past 12 years, we've helped train 1,000's of souls from all walks of life get clarity to live happier and more successful lives.


We'll help you develop inner clarity to lead yourself with your heart & soul instead of your history. So you feel safe, secure & confident to 

Become The Unstoppable Leader Your Soul Envisions!


A deep experiential adventure where you'll discover how you work on the inside. 

The 5 Steps To
Inner Clarity

This powerful step trains you how to lead yourself into the happy successful life you deserve. 

The Inner Clarity Blueprint

Finally you'll stop questioning yourself, wondering why you got stuck or felt powerless. You'll learn all the essential steps required to grow. No more thinking you have to "fix yourself" or that there's anything wrong with you. 

Clog Clearing

Get tools & guidance to unclog access to your unique knowledge & innate abilities. Breakthrough historic patterns to build your inner leadership skills. Learn how to actualize your true potential.

Leadership Skills

Become the steady influence in every situation as you refine your ability to wield energy, emotions & authority. Experience a life that surpasses your own expectations.

"I moved obstacles I didn't even know were there! I'm a changed person and I couldn't be happier!"

Terry M.

"I had the most transformational week of my life!!! These classes are profound!!!"

Karen W.

"Refreshing! I finally found a way to help myself! I changed my life and I'm forever grateful!"


"Christi & Pete’s classes are amazing! When you finish one you want to continue on to another."

Judy S.


If you don't lead yourself forward,
whose gonna do it for you?

Christi Maybo

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4-week Intensive Program

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"I'm in awe of the progress I've made! I moved to another state into my dream home during the pandemic! Built my confidence and continue to surpass my own expectations! It's a privilege for me to get all the assistance and guidance Christi & Pete provide. I really can't tell you how happy and grateful I am."