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Chart your own course & confidently
thrive as the CEO of your happiness! 

EQ² Level 1: BIZ DNA Training™ - Small Group Training

Become The CEO of your happiness.
Your happiness is your business!

You recognize the answers you need are inside yourself so you want advanced tools and techniques to dig deep within so you can integrate more of your soul's innovation and original blueprint energy. 

You're innately intuitive and aware you have a crucial talent to share that's part of a bigger picture based on collaboration, teamwork and acceptance that we're better together. (even if you may not be clear what that talent is)

You're ready to be part of something bigger than yourself that is grounded in integrity, where individuality is honored, and a high priority is placed on respect for self and others. You're a self-starter, who thrives on becoming your absolute best self and accepts this requires ongoing training.


You're an individual who hasn't found your people because you're extremely discerning and are searching for others who share your high standards and impeccable value system.

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You're Ready For...


Uniting with inward explorers like yourself

 who hold themselves accountable for their own growth, impact, and actions.


Cultivating your innate skills and talent in an intimate group that's fun, supportive, and intensely connected.


Receiving high caliber training, tools, and guidance to maximize your fullest potential.


Enjoying a sense of wonderment, awe, and adventure at what is possible with shared goals because it feels truly miraculous!

Intuitive Inward Explorers Are Unique

You seek insight.

You enjoy going inward to grow.

You sometimes sense things before they happen.

You use your gut feelings and inner vision to look beyond the obvious.

Your awareness is naturally heightened in ways you can't quite explain. 

You envision possibilities that expand and stretch the status quo.

So, you need training that caters to the unique way YOU think and function!

Groundbreaking Inner Growth

By integrating your heart with your consciousness you'll finally feel like yourself. Empowered to chart your own course and confidently thrive as the CEO of your happiness!

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Step 1: Clarity

Make Powerful Connections 

Our experiential training guides you inward step by step to learn how you personally think, process information and function. Pinpointing the current emotional energy you're generating so we can identify growth opportunities. 

You'll understand why you've felt such inner conflict, chaos and had trouble getting clarity.
We'll use that roadmap to Unleash Your Inner Leader™ and create your own personal Happiness Blueprint™.

Step 2: Expand

Unleash Your Inner Leader™

With the help of our team, you'll learn why you struggled in certain places. Efficiently gather crucial insight to understand yourself and easily circumvent previous sticking points permanently.
Together, we'll help you recharge your batteries so you generate emotional energy according to your original blueprint energy. Electrifying yourself with the fuel you've been missing. You'll easily integrate your heart with your consciousness to discover your natural state. Enabling you to effectively Unleash Your Inner Leader™.

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Image by Todd Steitle

Step 3: Confidence

Your Energy Creates Propulsion

As you integrate your original blueprint energy, we'll help you Unleash Your Innate Talent™ so you're empowered to understand your unique knowledge. 


By generating emotional energy from within that matches your goals, dreams, and aspirations you'll confidently thrive as CEO of your happiness!

Meet Your Team

You don't have to go at it alone anymore. You deserve support, encouragement, and the fun of being part of a team!

What's Included Each Month?
(3-month program)

DIY Modules

You'll breeze through fun videos as we train you step by step how to pinpoint the real sh*t that has to go! 

Practice Exercises

You'll get targeted practice exercises to build your inner muscles and implement your newfound clarity into daily living. 

Bonus: ToolBox

You'll get BONUS Resources to help you:  Develop greater awareness about your communications to avoid self-sabotage. Identify when your history is impeding on your present. And other fun surprises!

Group Training Calls &
Office Hours

Each month you'll meet with The Team via Zoom for:

(4) 90-minute Group Training Calls

(4) 30-minute Office Hours

Private Training Portal

Our Zoom Training Calls will be recorded and uploaded to your very own Private Training Portal. 

Searchable Transcripts & Recordings!

In your Private Training Portal you can replay our training sessions by listening to audio files, watching videos or reading transcripts. You can even search for specific sections you want to revisit!

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Each Month You'll Get:
(3 month program)

Valued At: $1,997
DIY Modules 
with Videos, Worksheets & Exercises
Valued At: $3,600
4 Weekly Training Sessions with ALL 3 Team Members

90 Minutes Each

Valued At: $1,600
4 Weekly Office Hours with
ALL 3 Team Members

30 Minutes Each

Valued At: $297
Your Own Private Coaching

That's A Value Of Over $7,000 each month

Tuition: $1500 per month

EQ² Level 1: BIZ DNA Training™

Become The CEO of Your Happiness.
Your happiness is your business!

EQ² Level 1:

BIZ DNA Training™

3 month program

TUITION: $1500 

(per month)

Get On the Wait List 
for our May class 

Your 3-Month Adventure Includes:

  • Weekly Group Training Sessions (90-minutes)

  • Weekly Zoom Office Hours (30-minutes)

  • Private Training Portal

  • Searchable transcripts & recordings

  • Video & Audio Training 

  • Mini-Workbooks, Highlight Sheets

  • Tips, Tools and Techniques

  • And more...

BIZ DNA Strand solo.png

Prefer a more personalized touch?

Inquire about our Exclusive Private Training with all 3 coaches ($2,000 per month) 
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